“All About Her”


My sweet beautiful baby girl is turning two this Sunday. My little girl who melts my heart with a single smile, is no longer a baby. But, I sure cry like one when I think about this…

This short post is all about her. This in no way means I don’t share any of these same feelings for my wife or my son, but, since it is her birthday, this is all about her.

She is my princess.

When I was growing up, my mom used to always tease me by telling me that when I got married I was going to have a bunch of little “princesses” this terrified me! Growing up in the country, I was a tough, mean, manly man, country boy… At least I thought I was.

There are few things in this life that bring joy to my heart more than watching my little princess twirl in her nightgown after her bedtime bath. She is my little princess, and I am proud of it!

She is my hope for the future.

I watch as she brightens up her world. I can’t help but dream of her doing this her entire life. Brightening her world with a smile, a hug, a kiss, a gift, a kind word, and most importantly, by shining for Jesus!

We live in a dark world. We live in a sinful place. Where is the hope for humanity? Where is the hope for the Church? It is in our precious little ones who are being groomed to be children of the king. I look at Jacy, and I see a future godly spouse. I see a bible school teacher. I see a evangelistic woman with a heart for the Lord. She is my hope.

She is the keeper of my heart.

Growing up, I loved my parents. I told them both continually that I loved them. One day my mother told me that I would someday meet a woman who would become my wife, and then I would discover a deeper meaning of love. I didn’t believe her, and then.. It happened. That isn’t to say the love for my mom diminished after meeting Meagan. It simply means love became even “deeper”

Then, we found out the delightful news! Jacy was on her way! I remember holding Meagan’s hand all through the delivery (even when she broke my thumb, literally!:) the first time that my daughter was placed in my arms, the earth stopped moving. I couldn’t breathe. I just stared in her eyes, and she cracked a smile at her daddy, and I was hooked for life! She holds my heart.

She is my reflection.

I should say she is “our reflection” – meaning, my wife and I.

We have heard it all, “She looks just like her daddy!” or “She looks like her mommy!” or “she looks like her aunt Kassidy!” or “She doesn’t look anything like any of you!”

The physical appearance is a matter of perspective. But it is the inside that I am concerned with. You see, We are at the stage where she is a parrot. You parents know what I mean. She has a thousand “What’s that?” questions and she repeats almost EVERYTHING that she sees and hears. Right now she is becoming more and more like the people she is around.

As I focus upon her life. I must also focus upon mine. Do I want Jacy to be like her dad? Do I want her to talk like me? Do I want her to handle anger like me? Do I want her to study her Bible like me? Do I want her to love Jesus like me?

I could not be more proud of my daughter. It is up to me to live a life that she can say she is proud of her daddy.

To My Daughter:

Baby girl, I could not love you anymore than I do now. You have brought me true joy. You remind me what purity is. Your face lights up the room and my heart. Nothing is more satisfying than when you hug my neck and say “aww dada!” you will always be my little angel. I hope and pray that I will lead a life so that you can follow my steps… Straight to heaven! I love you Jacy!

Father God, thank you for my daughter. Thank you for all of the lessons that you have taught me through her. I pray that she will continue in good health. I also pray father that you will help me be the daddy I need to be for her. Thank you for two blessed years. Help me Father to not let it pass me by. In Jesus Name, Amen.

One thought on ““All About Her”

  1. That was beautiful Troy, it brought tears of love and joy to my eyes, I know you got your talent for writing from both of your parents(mostly mom) hahaha, they are wonderful people and that is why you are a Godly man , love to your family, cousin Doris

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