Christian, Take Care of Your Body

I will never forget the lowest point of my life. I was sitting in a doctor’s office still grieving the loss of my dad. I had made the decision to have some tests run on my heart because of my father’s unexpected passing. As the doctor came in the room and went over their findings … Continue reading Christian, Take Care of Your Body

A Confession and A Lesson

Recently, my children were exposed to something that I really wish they hadn’t been. There was an individual who started behaving very poorly in their presence. The details aren’t important, so I will leave them out. However, my children heard some things that were untrue, and were presented in a very ungodly way. Confession: When … Continue reading A Confession and A Lesson

“Does God Hate Your Prayers?”

That is a shocking question, and a shocking idea. How could God hate it when we pray? After all, we all readily admit that we don’t pray enough, our prayer life is not meaningful enough, and every time we examine the life of Jesus we are reminded how important prayer was to Him, and how … Continue reading “Does God Hate Your Prayers?”

Are we holding our young people Back?

“I just don’t know what to think about kids in this generation.” “Kids today just want to play video games. They have no desire to study the Bible” “I’m scared to think of what the future of the church will be when I look at the next generation.”   I have heard these statements along … Continue reading Are we holding our young people Back?

10 Years of Preaching: What I have Learned

 A friend of mine who also just passed the 10 year mark wrote a similar post that would be worth your time: You can find his post here. About 2 months ago, I officially crossed the date on my calendar marking 10 years of preaching and full time ministry. I thought about writing a blog on … Continue reading 10 Years of Preaching: What I have Learned

Strap on your Sword!

  One of the most inspiring accounts contained in Old Testament scripture concerning the resiliency and work ethic of God’s people can be found in the book of Nehemiah. If you want the full picture of what is happening you need to go back to the book of Jeremiah.   The short version: Jeremiah was … Continue reading Strap on your Sword!