Preacher training camp in Lewisville church of Christ is my favorite week of the year. This is where it began for me. I came to this camp with no intention to preach. And now, this is my 5th year as a staff member at this camp.

This camp is phenomenal. It is full of great things. There is an awesome group of men that are assembled to teach and preach. There are 58 campers who have given up a week of their summers to come and learn how to preach. (many of who have already chosen to preach)

It is truly incredible to watch lives change!

I have worked with great campers who have worked hard on their sermons. They study, then they study, then they study. Then they compile an outline that would best help them to present God’s Word to the listeners. It is great to see. I thank God for these young men.

On a personal note…

I needed this week! Sometimes I feel discouraged, sometimes I feel downhearted, sometimes I forget that there are GREAT things thriving in the church of our Lord! This week I have been refreshed, I have remembered that the Lords church will never die. He is in control!

I needed this week, because of friendships. I have been tremendously blessed in my young ministry with some great men that God has placed in my life. Some friendships have been in place since my first year at this camp, some have only recently began to be built. Each one is very near to my heart, and I thank God for them.

On our last night here, many of our staff/campers gathered around some tables and began singing from the hymnals for over an hour. Listening to their voices blending together was just what I needed. You see, we were not just singing we were worshiping our God. I looked around and many young preachers who are faithful to the Lord, and I was reminded that I am not alone. I have brothers. True brothers, that would be closer than biological brothers (if I had any.)

During this time, the tears began to come to my eyes. It was exactly what I needed… To see my friends, my brothers praising God with a common thought. That thought being “I want to be with my savior”

I will forever be grateful for this camp, these campers, this staff, my brothers, and most of all, my savior.

“Father, thank you for you precious Son. Thank you for loving me, even though I am a sinner. Father thank you for giving me brothers to encourage me, help me to encourage them. I love you Father, thank you for your Son, it is in His holy and precious name that I pray, Amen.”

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