About Me

Troy is currently serving the NW church of Christ in Lawton, Oklahoma as the pulpit minister. He is married to Meagan and they have two children. Troy has been in ministry since May of 2008 and has been at his current work since October of 2012.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Thank you for discussing a subject that I feel most ministers don’t even address anymore. My own sister feels I am too “legalistic” but, I am all too aware of what lust can do and that’s why I have pushed her and her young daughter to consider their “adornment” and taking lust seriously. It has personally affected my marriage and my poor, autistic, teenage son. Young women have no idea maybe how cruel they can be with their immodesty. I can not understand how mothers allow their daughters to dress like they do. I can not understand how my own Christian friends and family can tease me about reading reviews on Plugged In and refusing to take my son or my husband to the trash out there. When I approached a pastor about this topic once he blew me off and said that it was in the heart of the luster, no matter what women were doing or wearing. He seemed oblivious that most people struggle with some sort of lust. I was deeply disappointed at his reaction. Maybe he too struggled and did not want to see more modesty, I don’t know. But why are people so afraid to discuss this? It’s a HUGE issue! God bless you and your family! I sounds like you have a wonderful church.

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