Spiritual Monsters

My sweet daughter is at that wonderful age where she gets scared... A lot. She used to not seem to be bothered by anything, now she is. She is shy around strangers, she is scared of the dark, and yes, she is scared of monsters. A couple of nights ago after saying a prayer with … Continue reading Spiritual Monsters

“Am I leading my children toward the goals I have for them?”

   It was a usual scene, Jacy was asleep in her bed, I carried Jagger to his crib to lay him down. These are the moments parents dream about (when they are all asleep!) Everything would have been ok, except for one thing. Jagger smiled in his sleep. You see, I flashed back immediately to … Continue reading “Am I leading my children toward the goals I have for them?”

“Why Is It Not A 10!?”

I believe my exact thoughts were something to the affect of "Are you kidding me?!?" I was purchasing a membership at a new gym here in Lawton and I was informed of something I didn't want to hear. I was told that a requirement of being a member at this gym is to have a … Continue reading “Why Is It Not A 10!?”

“Spiritual Resolutions”

 “Spiritual Resolutions”  Believe it or not, it is here! The New Year has begun. It does not really seem possible, but then again, we find ourselves saying this each and every year. Many people across this world have made “resolutions.” Some have decided to lose weight, exercise, eat healthier, kick a bad habit, go back to … Continue reading “Spiritual Resolutions”