The Acceptable Sin

What kind of sins are acceptable? What kind of sins can you have a little bit of in your life and still be in good standing with God and your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ? The short answer is, none. There is no such thing as an acceptable sin. In Romans 3:23, Paul writes … Continue reading The Acceptable Sin

“The Deadliest Disease Known To Man”

Have you ever heard of Ebola? Of course you have. If you haven’t… You should really read the newspaper, watch the news, buy a computer, or socialize with other people once in a while. Are you tired of hearing about Ebola? You are not alone. If you are like me, you are tired of hearing … Continue reading “The Deadliest Disease Known To Man”

“Daddy! Don’t Let Me Fall!”

It was a normal day, I was walking around our second home (also known as wal-mart) with my family. I was trying to help keep our little ones happy while we wandered around the store. I started playing one of my favorite games with Jacy. I told her "I'm going to drop you" and pretended … Continue reading “Daddy! Don’t Let Me Fall!”