A Confession and A Lesson

Recently, my children were exposed to something that I really wish they hadn’t been. There was an individual who started behaving very poorly in their presence. The details aren’t important, so I will leave them out. However, my children heard some things that were untrue, and were presented in a very ungodly way. Confession: When … Continue reading A Confession and A Lesson

Where would I be without the church? (Pt. 1)

 Note: This is part one of a series of posts that will be made in response to this question. I hope it is a blessing to you, feel free to share your thoughts.  I am blessed. I did nothing to earn or deserve this blessing. The blessing that I am speaking of is the fact that … Continue reading Where would I be without the church? (Pt. 1)

I Need To Write This: Government Vs. My Mind

  *I ask that if you start reading this, you read it all. I do not want anyone leaving this post without the full picture of what I am trying to say.*   I've been wrestling. Wrestling with myself on what to write, if I should write, in regard to the situation our nation is … Continue reading I Need To Write This: Government Vs. My Mind

“Follow Me”

 Have you ever seen a great leader? A great leader isn't just someone who wants to lead, but is someone that others want to follow. We have witnessed many great leaders in many different arenas of this life. Alexander the Great was a powerful warrior that conquered just about anything that he set his  mind … Continue reading “Follow Me”