“Follow Me”

 Have you ever seen a great leader? A great leader isn't just someone who wants to lead, but is someone that others want to follow. We have witnessed many great leaders in many different arenas of this life. Alexander the Great was a powerful warrior that conquered just about anything that he set his  mind … Continue reading “Follow Me”

“Daddy! Don’t Let Me Fall!”

It was a normal day, I was walking around our second home (also known as wal-mart) with my family. I was trying to help keep our little ones happy while we wandered around the store. I started playing one of my favorite games with Jacy. I told her "I'm going to drop you" and pretended … Continue reading “Daddy! Don’t Let Me Fall!”

Commitment- Marriage Edition

To see the first part of this segment see: “Commitment pt.1 ”3. Commitment to marriageWhen I first got engaged to my wife, little did I realize I was opening up the flood gates. Oh yes, I would say “I’m getting married!” to be slammed with comments such as “You won’t be that excited in a … Continue reading Commitment- Marriage Edition