A Confession and A Lesson

confessionRecently, my children were exposed to something that I really wish they hadn’t been. There was an individual who started behaving very poorly in their presence. The details aren’t important, so I will leave them out. However, my children heard some things that were untrue, and were presented in a very ungodly way.

Confession: When I heard about the situation, Immediately I was angry. Not just angry, but so angry It felt like my blood was boiling. Maybe angrier than I have ever been. Not just because of what was said and done by this individual, but because it happened in the presence of my children. You have heard of “Mamma Bears” well, I was morphing into “Daddy Tyrannosaurus Rex”. I wanted to fly off the handle. I wanted to “fix” the situation by taking a “stand”. Never mind that whole, being slow to wrath thing (Proverbs 19:11, Proverbs 14:29, Proverbs 29:11, Proverbs 15:18). I must confess, I was not following these principles in my thinking.

            The Lesson: As I was putting my children to bed that evening, I told them that I was so sorry that they heard the things that they did. My daughter said, “Daddy, the Bible tells us that we should pray for those people. Can we pray for them together?” As she held out her hand towards mine.

Wait a second! That surely couldn’t have been what Jesus meant when He commanded His disciples to love their enemies, and to pray for those who persecuted them?!? (Matthew 5:44). Surely Jesus wouldn’t actually expect us to take a situation where someone behaves so poorly, and for us to not retaliate (Matthew 5:38-42). Surely all of those things are nice, well and good, but… Certainly are not principles to be applied when someone is being so incredibly rude. Surely then, we have a “right” to fight back… Then we turn our eyes to the cross, and we find Jesus praying for those who were literally, actively killing Him (Luke 23:34). I guess Jesus meant those things He said.

I thank God for my children daily. I also thank Him for the lessons that they teach me. Adults (like me) hear the teachings of Jesus, and we like them. They sound great in a book, but when we are faced with the situation in front of our face, we look to justify why that teaching really doesn’t apply here… Children, remind us that it does. It is no wonder that Jesus also said, “unless you become like children you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven” (Matthew 18:3). I write this as a reminder to myself, Jesus meant what He taught, even when it hurts. He preached it, He practiced it, children understand it. It is time I do as well.

In Him,


“Shelter Me, Lord”

Last night we experienced a very heavy storm at our house. I was extremely thankful for the rain. My children however, were not nearly as appreciative. It was time for bed, and I began turning down the covers. Right on cue, my daughter walked in the room and said, “Can you sleep with me daddy? I’m scared.”

I told her that the storm was not going to hurt her, and she needed to go back to bed. After she left the great philosopher (my wife) had something to say. She reminded me that my children will not always be little. They will not always be scared of these storms, and they definitely will not always want their dad to sleep with them and hold them. I should take advantage of these opportunities when I have them.

I don’t need to tell you that I listened to her. As I was holding my daughter while she slept, several thoughts came to my mind.

  • She is so beautiful
  • She is so innocent
  • My back hurts laying on this bed
  • I wish I could hold her and protect her from every storm she will face
  • I hope she is always “daddy’s girl”
  • My back really hurts, am I laying on a toy?

In the midst of all of my ramblings inside of my mind, I found peace. I know that my children are growing up. I know that I cannot protect them from every storm of life. I know that I cannot keep them from sin. I know that I cannot provide them with everything that they will ever need. However, I know that God can.

Psalm 91:1-2-He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. 2 I will say [1] to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

“Father, thank you for being a perfect Father. Thank you for providing a refuge and a safe place for your children. Help me to remember that I am not perfect, and my children desperately need to see me leaning on you. In Jesus name, amen. “

Spiritual Monsters


My sweet daughter is at that wonderful age where she gets scared… A lot. She used to not seem to be bothered by anything, now she is. She is shy around strangers, she is scared of the dark, and yes, she is scared of monsters.

A couple of nights ago after saying a prayer with her at bedtime I switched on her nightlight and began to leave her room. She began crying hysterically. She then told me about all of the monsters that were under her bed, in her closet, outside the window, on her ceiling, and the monsters that were hiding in her shoes (yes, I thought that was weird as well.) I did what every parent does and showed her that there were no monsters and that they could not hurt her. Then she said “They can’t hurt me because you are my daddy, and if they try to hurt me, you will give them a spankin!”

It warmed my heart that she finally took comfort in the fact that monsters were not going to get her because her daddy would protect her.

I wonder if all of us as parents spent as much time and effort protecting our children from spiritual monsters as we do from the ones that hide in the closets, if our homes would look any different?

What would happen if parents spent time keeping spiritual monsters away from their children by making sure that there weren’t any monsters in the Tv before leaving our children with it unattended. What if parents made sure that the monsters could attack their children through their computers or smartphones? What if parents made sure that the monsters would not be allowed in their home because they love their children.

Obviously the spiritual monsters don’t look like green goblins with sharp teeth and snot running out of their noses. They look attractive, they sound pleasing, they are enticing, they are dangerous. Monsters are everywhere. Parents, let’s make sure we protect our children from these monsters.

1 Peter 5:8- Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

“Am I leading my children toward the goals I have for them?”

   It was a usual scene, Jacy was asleep in her bed, I carried Jagger to his crib to lay him down. These are the moments parents dream about (when they are all asleep!) Everything would have been ok, except for one thing.

Jagger smiled in his sleep. You see, I flashed back immediately to my daughter. I remember just like yesterday when she did that all the time. It is very eerie how much my two children look alike. All of a sudden upon seeing this precious smile, I felt like a was punched in the stomach. I remembered Jacy doing that at Jagger’s age which really was just yesterday right? No, it was 15 months ago.

It is incredible how fast they are growing. I sat down on the floor. In between my sleeping children, and began to pray. I prayed for both of them. I prayed that Jacy would grow up understanding how beautiful she is regardless of whether or not she ever puts on makeup or wears the “right” clothing. I prayed that Jagger would be strong enough to keep his mind and body pure. I prayed that Jacy and Jagger would marry Christians who are on fire for Jesus. I prayed that Jagger might even consider preaching. I prayed that both Jacy, and Jagger will not just be “pew sitters” in a church building (God already has plenty of those) but that they would be true soul-winners.

As I finished praying and was just about to get up and go to the living room, I realized something. Maybe, just maybe I had higher hopes, higher dreams, higher goals, and a greater amount of pressure that I was putting on their future, than I was my own.


I was reminded of that old saying “You can’t lead where you don’t go.” It caused me to do a little bit of soul searching one might say. In no particular order, below are the tidbits of scripture and thoughts I am clinging to as a result. I pray they will encourage you as well.

My children will not follow where I don’t go:

Far too often we see parents (maybe even ourselves) who want their children to have a love for the Lord that is much stronger than their own. Parents, fathers, we must SHOW our children how to be a Christian.

We must show them we love the lost by praying for the lost (with them.) We must teach them the importance of making disciples as they watch us reach out to set up Bible studies, invite others to worship, and sit across our kitchen tables in our homes with open Bibles.

We must show them what it means to be pure by modeling it in our lives. Making sure our lives are free from filth, we cannot allow things on our computer screens and tv screens that we wouldn’t want them to be enticed by.

We must lead them to finding a Godly spouse by teaching them what characteristics to look for. One major way we can do this is by praising those characteristics in our own spouse.

“I really appreciate how you stepped up to teach that Bible class today.”

“I love the fact that you take time to read the scripture to our children”

“It amazes me to see the love that you have for studying the Word every day.”

“One thing I love about you, is that when anything good or bad arises you always want to spend time as a family in prayer.”

Statements such as these could go a long way in influencing the minds of our young people. The list could go on forever in regards to was we need to be leading our children. I hope this serves as a simple reminder, as I was reminded that having high goals for our children is extremely important, however we must not expect them to do things that they do not see us doing.

Allow me to ask you 2 questions:

  1. What spiritual goals do you have for your children?
  2. What are you doing to lead them to those goals?

Proverbs 20:7- The righteous who walks in his integrity– blessed are his children after him!

365 Days Exactly!



I cannot believe it! It does not seem real to me. But exactly one year ago today, my family began our work with the Wynnewood Church. 

This year has been a blessing. It has been a blessing in so many ways. When we began our work here Feb 13th 2011 our daughter was just little bitty and now she’s… not much bigger, but a whole lot older. She is walking/running, talking, singing, giving kisses, and putting herself to sleep at night. 

We welcomed our newest addition to our family. Our son, Jagger Troy Rogers. He is growing fast! Jacy is not going to hang on to the “big” sister title very long.

Like all families, within a year’s time, we have had a tremendous amount of struggles, and a great deal of good times as well. But most importantly, we have been blessed by God to be able to work with such great people!  The church in Wynnewood is not perfect (call me when you find one) but they are truly family to us. They have accepted us, and loved us as if we have been here for years.

As I reflect back on this first year of ministry here, I have a few questions.

Have I Glorified God In My Preaching?

As preachers, as Christians we share a common goal, We wish to bring honor and glory to our heavenly father in everything that we say and do (1 Corinthians 10:31) this includes preaching! There are sadly, many preachers who are better promoters of self, than promoters of God. Better, orators than preachers. Better politicians, than proclaimers  of truth. It is my prayer, that I am not one of those preachers. I believe many who preach are tempted in many of these areas, and it is a constant prayer of mine to remove myself, so people can see Jesus. 

Have I Edified The Church?

(Ephesians 6:22) speaks of the importance  of edification. I wonder how good we are at that? How much time do we spend seeking ways to build someone up? We live in a world that it is the norm to be broken down, laughed at, come upon hard times, and to be rejected. How much effort am I truly making to edify those that I work with? Do they know I care about them? Do they know I love them?

Have I Challenged The Church?

Have I spent time challenging members of this congregation to better themselves spiritually? Have I been the bringer of the messages that they need to hear? Have I challenged them to leave behind sin(1 Timothy 6:11)? Have I encouraged them to do better than they have been doing(1 Thess 4:1)? Most importantly, Have I modeled that before them(1 Timothy 4:12)?

Have I Been A Good Husband?

(Ephesians 5:25) God knew what he was doing when He sent Meagan my way. He knew I needed a woman who loved Him, loved others, sacrificed of herself, and served others whole-heartedly. Meagan is exactly that. However, I must ask, have I been a good husband? Have a honored her with my words? Have I shown gratitude for the work that she does? Have I told her I love her, with my actions (not just words) ? Have I treated her with kindness/ have I thanked her for bearing with me during the days that I am “stretched too thin?” Does she really know, how special she is to me?


Have I Been A Good Father?

(Proverbs 22:6) My children are still very young. However, anyone who believes that young children cannot learn, has never spent time with young children. Do my children see me read from God’s Word? Do my children hear me pray? Do my children see me do all of the things listed in the previous question? Do my children know that I love them? Do my children know, that NOTHING in this life is more important to me than they are (video games, functions, sports, friends, social status, money, reputation)?  

All of these questions, I believe are good “bench mark questions” to ask yourself on a regular basis. But I also know, that none of these things matter, if I don’t get this last question right.


Have I Been A Good Son? 

I thank God every day for my parents. I feel tremendously blessed to have the mother and father that I do. I want to make them proud. But this is not what I mean by the question that I have asked. 

Have I been a good son to my heavenly Father? EVERYTHING hinges on my walk with Him. If my preaching is struggling, I must ask, “How is my walk with God?” If my relationship with my wife is struggling, I must ask, “How is my walk with God?’ If I am distant from my children, I must ask “How is my walk with God?” 

One of the biggest struggles that I have faced in my ministry, is forgetting to work on myself. I spend time with God’s Word to build lessons, but what about personal study? I spend time talking with others about their souls, but how much time do I focus on mine? How much time do I focus on my families? 


This past year, has been a tremendous year! filled with blessings! It is my prayer that God blesses me to preach for many years to come. I hope that I can always examine these questions with an open and pure heart, so that one day.. I can stand before our Father with confidence. (1 John 4:17