“Are You at Peace?”

It is October. This means that I have been spending a few hours each week doing something that I absolutely love. Deer hunting. I go out to my stand roughly an hour and a half before the sunrise. I sit, and I wait. Hoping that I will be able to see my game. Thus far, … Continue reading “Are You at Peace?”

“Shelter Me, Lord”

Last night we experienced a very heavy storm at our house. I was extremely thankful for the rain. My children however, were not nearly as appreciative. It was time for bed, and I began turning down the covers. Right on cue, my daughter walked in the room and said, “Can you sleep with me daddy? … Continue reading “Shelter Me, Lord”

“The Deadliest Disease Known To Man”

Have you ever heard of Ebola? Of course you have. If you haven’t… You should really read the newspaper, watch the news, buy a computer, or socialize with other people once in a while. Are you tired of hearing about Ebola? You are not alone. If you are like me, you are tired of hearing … Continue reading “The Deadliest Disease Known To Man”

“Where Would I Be Without the Church?” Pt. 3

           This is the final post in this mini-series. I have attempted to briefly summarize some of the main points in response to this question. As most of you know, this series could go on and on. However, I simply wanted to share a few things to get us thinking about the importance of the … Continue reading “Where Would I Be Without the Church?” Pt. 3

Where Would I Be Without The Church? Pt. 2

 Note: This is part two of a mini series of blogs. If you missed part one, you can find that post here.             I have to be completely honest with you. I have hesitated to continue this series. I have hesitated for two reasons. One of those reasons it that I have no desire to consider … Continue reading Where Would I Be Without The Church? Pt. 2

Where would I be without the church? (Pt. 1)

 Note: This is part one of a series of posts that will be made in response to this question. I hope it is a blessing to you, feel free to share your thoughts.  I am blessed. I did nothing to earn or deserve this blessing. The blessing that I am speaking of is the fact that … Continue reading Where would I be without the church? (Pt. 1)