“Dear Dad, I Get It Now”

One of my absolute favorite things about my childhood was going camping with my family. The mountain climbing, swimming, hiking, relaxing around the fire, and of course scary stories were right up my alley. I got to take my family camping at the same place that I grew up camping. It was a blessing. As … Continue reading “Dear Dad, I Get It Now”

My Challenge to Dad’s

¬†¬†This post is meant for dad's. That being said, I believe any parent/grandparent could benefit from this. I am just simply writing this with dad's in mind. Dad's, you are so important. You are the one that shapes what your son's think manhood looks like. You are the ones that set the standard for how … Continue reading My Challenge to Dad’s

Dear Daddy: You have always been my hero.

As I look around our society today, it is painfully clear that our world has forgotten what it means to really be a man. They chase after money, power, and anything self-indulging. I stand here today, blessed. Because I did not simply have a biological father, I had a daddy. My dad taught me what … Continue reading Dear Daddy: You have always been my hero.

“Will He find fruit in you?”

Mark chapter 11 contains a fascinating event recorded for us. Near the end of Jesus' time on this earth, following His triumphal entry on the back of the colt, He became angry with a tree. Mark 11:12-14 - "On the following day, when they came from Bethany, he was hungry. 13 And seeing in the … Continue reading “Will He find fruit in you?”