Bible Class Material

Note: The majority of the material posted on this page are what are called “skeleton outlines.” Meaning that the class title, main points, scriptures, questions, and application are all listed out for the teacher. It will be up to the teacher to study and “fill in” any blanks so that the class becomes yours and not mine. I pray this page can be of aide to you as you strive to teach the Word of God to all ages.

“Home Improvement”



  This short series of lessons examines the steps a Christian must take in order to make ourselves the “temple of God” that we are called to be.

1. Bring In The Wrecking Ball

2. Firming Up The Foundation

“Families of Faith”

Family Bible

This is a series of lessons that I am preparing to use for our Young Adult Bible class on Sunday mornings. This quarter we are going to be looking at the family. We are having classes over self improvement, marriage, parenting, social pressures, and more. I pray that this series can be of benefit to you and your church family.

1. A strong me

2. A strong marriage

3. Where are the kids

4. Families of Faith- Realize that God is God

          5. Families of Faith- Eliminate Apathy

                                                                6. Families of Faith- understand pain and suffering

                                                            7. Families of Faith- Are alright with being weird

                                                              8. Families of Faith- understand it matters where you go to church

                                                              9. Families of Faith- Choose their influences carefully

                                                             10. Families of Faith- Are supported by Godly mothers

                                                            11. Families of Faith- Are led by Godly men


“Disciplined Disciples”


“This series of lessons was written for a young adult Bible class. Feel free to use the material if you find it beneficial. We examined qualities of Disciples of Christ who are disciplined in their faith and approach to life.

  1. Disciplined Disciples : Acknowledging our weakness

 2. Disciplined Disciples: Are dedicated soul winners

3. Disciplined Disciples: Don’t follow their heart

4. Disciplined Disciples: Understand fasting

5. Disciplined Disciples: Learn contentment

6. Disciplined Disciples: Rely on God through pain and suffering

7. Disciplined Disciples: Are sexually pure

8. Disciplined Disciples: Show Mercy

One thought on “Bible Class Material

  1. Troy, I am amazed at your generosity and mature insight! Thank you so much for posting all this. I found you by ‘accident'(!) when googling the passage about ear piercing in Exodus, as it related to a dream God had given me. Now He has given me so much more through you! Kind regards, and may God continue to bless and strengthen you and your ministry, Lela

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