Spiritual Monsters


My sweet daughter is at that wonderful age where she gets scared… A lot. She used to not seem to be bothered by anything, now she is. She is shy around strangers, she is scared of the dark, and yes, she is scared of monsters.

A couple of nights ago after saying a prayer with her at bedtime I switched on her nightlight and began to leave her room. She began crying hysterically. She then told me about all of the monsters that were under her bed, in her closet, outside the window, on her ceiling, and the monsters that were hiding in her shoes (yes, I thought that was weird as well.) I did what every parent does and showed her that there were no monsters and that they could not hurt her. Then she said “They can’t hurt me because you are my daddy, and if they try to hurt me, you will give them a spankin!”

It warmed my heart that she finally took comfort in the fact that monsters were not going to get her because her daddy would protect her.

I wonder if all of us as parents spent as much time and effort protecting our children from spiritual monsters as we do from the ones that hide in the closets, if our homes would look any different?

What would happen if parents spent time keeping spiritual monsters away from their children by making sure that there weren’t any monsters in the Tv before leaving our children with it unattended. What if parents made sure that the monsters could attack their children through their computers or smartphones? What if parents made sure that the monsters would not be allowed in their home because they love their children.

Obviously the spiritual monsters don’t look like green goblins with sharp teeth and snot running out of their noses. They look attractive, they sound pleasing, they are enticing, they are dangerous. Monsters are everywhere. Parents, let’s make sure we protect our children from these monsters.

1 Peter 5:8- Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

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