“Humble Pie is Disgusting”


I like pie. A lot. Admittedly, I like pie too much. I love pecan pie more than most, but I’m not sure that I have had a pie that I really don’t like, except for one. Humble Pie.

I have always heard those stories about people who are so arrogant and they end up setting themselves up for extreme embarrassment. I decided long ago that I would strive to not be that person. I would say that I want to be the most humble person on earth, but I don’t think that sounds very humble.

There is an issue that I have been asked about a lot throughout the years. It is one of those issues that the Bible doesn’t address directly. One of those issues that we can gather some cultural information about and maybe be able to get a picture of how we believe God would view this subject. The specific subject is not important. Here is what is important.

I have been asked about this issue for years. And my answer never changed. I studied and studied and studied. I asked many others that I respect, I prayed, I prayed a lot. I finally reached my conclusion on the matter. Every time someone would ask my opinion, I would tell them. I taught Bible classes on the subject, I even preached sermons on the subject.

Recently while doing some more study it became painfully obvious to me that in this particular subject, I was wrong. I have been wrong for years. As I just finished typing that last sentence, I was reminded again of how much I dislike the taste of humble pie. However, there is one positive that I see from having to eat a slice from time to time. When we realize that we are wrong, more importantly, when we admit that we are wrong, we begin to realize once again that we need help.

It doesn’t matter who we are or how together we appear. We are flawed sinners (Romans 3:23) it doesn’t matter how much we study, we are still capable of being wrong in our understanding (look at Saul). May we never become too confident in our own understanding that we forget to lean upon God’s (Proverbs 3:5)

I am reminded of a very humble man in scripture. We know him as the Centurion. In Matthew chapter 8 he approached Jesus about one of his servants. He asked that Jesus would “say the word” and his servant would be healed. Jesus marveled at the faith that this man had. While this centurion did display incredible faith by not thinking that Jesus had to come to the servant to heal him. I believe equally as impressive was his humility.

A centurion was in charge of roughly 100 soldiers. He was a man of great status and power. However the reason he asked Jesus to “say the word” rather than come to his house, had nothing to do with the immediacy of the servants needs. Rather, he said that he was not worthy for Jesus to visit his house.

May we always keep a humble spirit in dealing with others. Recognizing our own shortcomings will help us not be arrogant, while also remembering how much we need our savior.

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