“Look in the Mirror!”


          I’m a guy. As such, looking in the mirror isn’t high on my priority list. I look in the mirror before leaving for worship, I look in the mirror after brushing my teeth, I look in the mirror for help as I’m adjusting my contact lenses. Outside of that, me and the mirror, we don’t get along. I’ve found myself while in public on numerous occasions thinking “Why did that person not check the mirror before they left their house?” Maybe their hair is not very “presentable,” Maybe they don’t match, maybe they are wearing clothes 10x too big or too small, and I wonder, why they didn’t look in the mirror.. Even though I, didn’t before I left my house.

I am blessed beyond measure to work in the ministry as I do. I cannot think of anything a person can do with their life that will have a greater eternal impact than intentionally dedicating your life to helping others find Jesus. After all, we live in a lost world. We live in a world that desperately needs a savior. (This is the part where you are starting to wonder why I ranted about looking in a mirror, be patient, I’m about to tell you.)

Even though it is true that the world is lost without Jesus, even though it is true that the world desperately needs a savior, even though it is true that it is my job (and all Christian’s for that matter) to tell them about Jesus. I believe I also need to… look in the mirror.

This is nothing earth shattering or ground breaking, but it needs to be said. I Troy Rogers, need a savior. I am a sinner, I am lost without Jesus.

A struggle that I have is not focusing on that enough. It is easy to focus, or at least talk about focusing on “the lost” but I have discovered, it is very easy for me to lose my passion for seeking the lost if I forget that I too am lost without Jesus.

This is just a simple post (mainly for myself, but hopefully it will help you) to remind that I need Jesus. Every day of my life. Jesus is my Lord, Jesus is my savior, without Him, I would never see heaven.


“Father, thank you for Jesus. Too many times I forget how much I need you. I know Father that I am nothing without you. Without your Son, I would have no hope, I am a sinner, thank you for forgiving me. Help me father every day to be mindful of all you have done for me, so that I will remain passionate about sharing what you have done for me. In the name of Jesus, my savior, Amen.”

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