“Follow Me”


ImageHave you ever seen a great leader? A great leader isn’t just someone who wants to lead, but is someone that others want to follow. We have witnessed many great leaders in many different arenas of this life. Alexander the Great was a powerful warrior that conquered just about anything that he set his  mind to conquer. Martin Luther was a phenomenal inspiration to many, and a leader of his day. We can reflect upon great presidents of the past in the United States and see the bravery and integrity displayed in their leadership. We can even find great leaders in sports. You can turn your eyes to the Baltimore Ravens who are Superbowl bound, due in large part to the inspiring leadership of Ray Lewis. 

We see great examples of men and also women who have the ability to get the most out of those who are around them, and are able to accomplish great things. However, all of these leaders do not even give us a glimpse into the leadership ability of our Savior. 

Jesus spoke many challenging words throughout His ministry but possibly some of the most challenging words He ever uttered were “Follow me.” You see, it is such an easy statement, but it came with tremendous consequences. In some cases, it required those who followed to give up their homes, jobs, lifestyles, families, and everything that made up their “comfort Zone.” 

Remarkably as we read through the gospels we see Jesus speaking these words, “Follow me” and even more remarkable, is the response He received. We find phrases such as “at once” and “immediately” to describe when those who heard the message decided to follow Him. They didn’t hesitate. They didn’t plan to follow in the future, they knew there was something special about Jesus, and they wanted to be with Him now.

Leadership like this only makes me pause and consider, am I truly following Him?


  • When you are having a rough day at work- Follow Jesus
  • When you are having a bad day at school- Follow Jesus
  • When you are having trouble within your marriage- Follow Jesus
  • When you feel discouraged- Follow Jesus
  • When you need cheering up- Follow Jesus
  • When you feel helpless- Follow Jesus
  • When you are confused- Follow Jesus
  • When you are thankful- Follow Jesus
  • When you are blessed abundantly- Follow Jesus
  • When you find yourself in a financial hole- Follow Jesus.


We all have many ups and downs throughout our life. We all have great trials, and great victories. The only way to stay strong, and stay on the right path, is to listen to the most powerful 2 words ever spoken by the most powerful man who ever lived, “Follow Me.” 

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