“What is NOT to like about snow?”


As I am sure you were able to gather from the title, I like snow. Like is not a strong enough word, I love it! When I was growing up, I felt the same way. I was always told by those mean adults “once you get a job, and start driving, you won’t like it anymore.” Well, I’ve been driving for quite sometime, I have a job, and a wife, and children, guess what? I still love it!

For more info: I am not the guy who only stays in his house when it snows. In the 09 blizzard on Christmas Eve, in Oklahoma, I drove all around the state to visit family, and this years Christmas, I’ve been doing the same. I am speaking as one who has had to drive on the stuff a lot.

When I see the snow, it brings back memories of no school, and quality family time. We used to make snowmen and then decided that was way too lame and (with my dads help) constructed a massive igloo for us to play in. Good times! I also think about the secret recipe for snow ice cream. Man, that’s good stuff!

As I woke up this morning, it was snowing again. My daughter was so excited watching it fall at the back door. I flashed back to my early childhood excitement for snow, and realized that I am just a big kid, because it hasn’t changed much 🙂

Why do we like snow? Of course there is the obvious, no school and it is fun to play in. However, for me, there is something else. The snow is so beautiful. Not only does the snow look beautiful, it makes ugly things look beautiful too. My back yard has a big patch of dirt, no grass. Just dirt and holes that my dog likes to dig. When it snows, I don’t see the dirt, or the holes, all I see is a clean level slate that sparkles. The snow even makes my husky look more beautiful.

There is one thing I hate about the snow. It melts. It goes away, leaving a nasty mess behind and the ground muddy and uglier than it looked before the snowfall. I wonder, how often we are guilty as Christians of simply allowing a little spiritual snow to fall on our lives. Maybe around Sunday and Wednesday.

When the snow falls:

We hold our Bibles close.

Spend time in prayer.

Put on the right clothes.

Brush up on our smile, and our patented response to the question “How are you?” – “fine.”

Sing songs in worship.

we leave feeling sufficiently “snowed on” in our minds eye, we look pretty.

Then the snow melts.

We put our Bibles away, not to look to them until the next snowstorm.

Stop praying, because after all, we just did that on Sunday.

Put away our nice clothes, and sport that item that we would never wear in front of Jesus.

Put our relationships with our church family on hold until the next time we are snowed in together.

Decide it would be better to sing the new Justin Beiber song instead of “How great thou art”

The snow has melted, the beauty is gone.

I know many who read this posts, are very dedicated to The Lord, and I want to thank you for all that you do. This post is meant to be a cause for reflection for any who might find themselves living for the spiritual snow. Nothing more.

Psalm 51:7- Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

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