“Is Anyone “Amazed” With Your Life?”

The young man’s name was Saul. He was going about his life with a zeal and a passion for God. He was doing “everything right” by his own reckoning. One day everything changed. He saw the light (literally) and realized that his entire life, he had been doing everything wrong! Even, the things he thought he was doing “for God” he was actually doing against God. When Saul realized what had been missing from his life (Jesus) he immediately began a new life! An amazing life! (This story is borrowed from Acts chapter 9)

There was a man. We do not know what name his parents gave him, but we do know that when Jesus asked him his name the demons from within him answered “legion, for we are many.” This man was a terror. He was frightening to be around. He had superior strength, and it seemed nothing could prevent him from causing destruction. Then one day, it happened. He met Jesus! Jesus changed his life! This man (legion) was on the fast track to an amazing life! All because of Jesus! (This story is borrowed from Mark chapter 5)

What was so amazing about these two lives? Let’s examine two scriptures.

Acts 9:21- “And all who heard him were amazed, and said “is this not the man who made havoc in Jerusalem?…”

Mark 5:20- “And he went away and began to proclaim in all of Decapolis how much Jesus had done for him, and everyone marveled”

It wasn’t just their words, it was their message!

What was so amazing about Saul and “legion”? It wasn’t merely the fact that they were speaking in front of the people. Saul especially was very much used to a public platform. It wasn’t just that they spoke, it was what they were speaking.
You see, Saul came to Damascus for the purpose of dragging Christians off to prison, and now, he is a Christian, not JUST a Christian, but a preacher! When the people heard his message they were amazed. When the people heard the message of “legion” they marveled. Why?

It wasn’t just their message, it was their life!

Why were the people amazed at Saul/Paul? I do not believe it is merely what he said. I believe it was who he was. You see, the Christians were confused, they knew who this man used to be, but now they see someone completely different! They stood amazed, because only Jesus can change a person this drastically!
Why were the people amazed at legion? Not because of what he said, but because of who was before their own eyes. Here was a man who was demon possessed, un- clothed, and a wild man and now he is standing before them, clothed, in his right mind, and preaching Jesus! Only Jesus can change a life this much!

What does this have to do with me?

I wonder, is anyone amazed with the life we are living? It takes more than saying the right thing to amaze people today. We live in a world full of empty promises. It means absolutely nothing to “say” “I am a Christian.” What matters is showing it in our daily actions. What has changed in your life since becoming a Christian? I mean really, what has changed? I am afraid that too many times the answer is “Now I partake of communion.” Church, it is time we begin living changed lives! What does that look like?

We do not watch the same Tv that we used to.
We do not listen to the same songs that we used to.
We do not use the same language that we used to.
We do not dress like we used to.
We do not focus on ourselves like we used to.

We DO place all of our heart in God’s hands.
We DO show kindness to others even when they do not deserve it.
We DO put more emphasis on our spouse/children than we do ourselves.
We DO seek lost souls to share the Gospel with!
We DO look for new ways to serve.
We DO have spiritual/Biblical talks within our homes everyday
We DO praise God, for what He has done.
We DO strive to be like Jesus!

We are called to live lives that set the world on fire, we are called to live… amazing lives.

“O God, Thank you for your Word. Thank you for great examples you have set before us. Father, please forgive us when we try to be the “best us” that we can be. Father, we understand that our best is not good enough, we want to be like your Son, we want to live amazing lives, all for your Glory! In Jesus Name, Amen ”

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