“Get Up!”

In Joshua chapter 6 we read of a powerful tale. We read of a faith building moment for the nation of Israel. God told Joshua to command the people to march around Jericho for a certain number of times/days and that when they completed their task and the trumpets blew, and the people shouted, that the city would be delivered to them for them to conquer.

God also told them, not to take anything that they found in the city and keep it for themselves. But, one man named Achan disobeyed. We read in chapter 7 that because of Achan’s disobedience Israel lost a battle.

We find in chapter 7 Joshua as he is feeling defeated after a loss in battle, rubbing dirt on his head, falling to the ground and crying out to God. Let me ask you, have you ever been there? No, I’m not talking about being outside of Ai after the battle of Jericho. I am referring to that bad place mentally, spiritually, and emotionally when you are feeling defeated because you have allowed sin to take in your home, or maybe even in your life?

I love what God’s response is to Joshua! What does God say? “Get up!” He cuts through all that is surrounding Joshua, and charges him to get up, purify himself, and the nation of Israel because they still had work to do!

If you find yourself feeling down and out, because of sin, consider this your wake up call, “Get up!” purify yourself, your household, and let’s get back on the path to heaven!

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