“The Preacher’s Wife”


The preacher’s wife, is one of the most precious on the face of this earth. There may be some confusion from time to time, on exactly who they are, and who they should be. I am blessed to be married to the best one on this earth. Here are some things that I have learned about the “Preacher’s Wife.”

 1.     She supports her husband (even when he isn’t spectacular)

I believe this applies to all preacher’s wives except for mine… because, I am always spectacular! (yea, right!) This may be one point that only a preacher will truly understand. When things are going great within your personal life and your ministry your wife is such a strong supporter. When things are not going so good. Maybe it is a struggle with an elder,deacon, parent, teen, or your sermons aren’t connecting the way you would like, or your bible classes seem to be suffering.. there is one who will always support, encourage, and pray with you. Your wife.

2.     She is “super mom” to her children.

I honestly do not know how she does it! Not only is she so encouraging and supportive, but she is the best mom I could ever ask her to be for our children! Some of you older preachers have seen this even more as your children have grown. My children are both still very young. But my wife has handled everything that has been thrown at her with grace.

3.     She is “slash”

You say what? What does “slash” mean? Well, simply put, she is a dedicated wife/ loving mother/ camp counselor/ bible school teacher/ ladies day organizer/ ladies day speaker/ keeper of the home/ student of the Bible/ co-VBS director/ co- LTC coordinator/ funeral meal contributor/ decorator/ so on and so on. (and no salary to compensate their efforts)

I want to be clear, I do not believe that all of the above things are the “Preacher’s wives” “Jobs” However, those things, and sometimes many more are expected out of the wives of the preachers. I want to say to all of the preacher’s wives, and to one very special one, THANK YOU! You, as the wife, are the rock, the support, the best friend, and the strength behind what we the preacher’s do! Without you, we could not be who we are. You make us look good, even when we make that job hard for you.

4.     She is a silent sufferer.

There has been much said, and much written about the struggles/trials that preacher’s face in their ministry. (side note: I believe the good far outweighs the bad! If not, I wouldn’t be a preacher!) But, I am afraid many times someone gets overlooked. The Preacher’s wife. When the sermon wasn’t a “home-run” she knows it, and she hears about it. When the church is not growing, she knows it, and she hears about it. When things are not done “the way they have always been done” she knows it, and she hears about it. When her husband feels broken, useless, in-effective, and worn out, she knows it, and she hears about it. All of this and many more are on her shoulders, along with the task of being a wife and a mother.

5.     She is sacrificial.

I believe that some of the biggest sacrifices have been made by preacher’s wives. Not only do they do things that shouldn’t be expected of them with a smile and a heart for God, but, they are willing to live a life in service to God, no matter what that means. They support their husbands and enable them to do all that they do.

6.     She is precious to the Lord!

The purpose of this writing is not to be negative. The purpose of this writing is to build up, edify, and encourage (1 Thess 5:11) a group of amazing women, who would never ask to be built up. Truth be told, there would not be great preacher’s without great wives.

Proverbs 31:10- “an excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels”

I am proud to say, that I, like many preachers, have found an excellent wife! One who is supportive, one who is loving, one who is more concerned that her children will be in heaven, than what name brands of clothes are on their back. I feel lucky and blessed!

Proverbs 31:30- “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised”

I am proud to say, I have found this wife. One who cares more for God, and for others than she does herself.

So many, have done so much. As I look at my wife, her love, her sacrifice, her devotion, I think of…

Proverbs 31:29- “Many women have done excellently, but you, surpass them all!”

“O God,

I thank you for your Son. I thank you for life. I thank you for giving me all things that I need. Father, I thank you for my wife. Without her, I could not serve you the way you want me to. I thank you for all of the Godly women that serve you daily. May we forever be mindful of them, and be thankful for them, forgive us father, for when we take them for granted. In Jesus name, Amen.”

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