“Commitment pt.1”


Ok, so maybe it isnt really a “dirty word” but the word Im thinking of, is a word that is treated like a dirty word anymore. What is this word? Here it is; commitment.

My generation has very little understanding of what it means to commit to something.(Commitment- Promise, or personal commitment, Contract, a legally binding exchange of promises) The generation before me has a little better understanding, and the one after me, sadly, appears to even have a weaker view of commitment.

I had a friend who went through school kindergarten through Sr. Year, only to drop out ONE WEEK before graduation!

We have all heard the stats. The numbers are mind boggeling. The Church, is losing anywhere from 70-90% (depending on which research your examining) of our young people, who turn their back on God.

The divorce rate in the world is higher than 50%. Sadly, so is the divorce rate within the Lord’s church. That means more than half of Christian men and women who marry will one day walk away from their marriage.

To me the most heartbreaking aspect of all of this, is that the church has many times allowed the non-committal mindset of the world to shape our minds, and futures as well. We are a temporary people, who live in a temporary world, all too often searching for temporary things. There is very little permanance within our lives today. Some people change cars, cell phones, houses, and jobs as often as Meagan and I change diapers!

I want to simply encourage you to think on a few things:

1. Commitment to the Lord.

Colossians 1:18- And he is the head of the body, the church. He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in everything He might be preeminent.

The reason this is first on the list is because, if you do not have a commitment to the Lord, nothing else matters!

I believe many times we do an injustice to people that we study the Bible with. Sometime we try to rush their decision along. We try to make the decision for them, rather than truly allowing them to consider what it really means to be a Christian. Jesus spoke of the importance of “counting the cost” in Luke 14.

I recently led a Bible study with a young man. After the Gospel was shared, I asked him what he wanted to do about what we had studied. He responded by telling me he wanted to think on those things and make up his mind what he wanted to commit to.

About a week later, he called me around 11:00 P.M. He was ready, and he was ready right then! So I met him at the church building and watched as his father immersed him into Christ!

We need those who will truly count the cost of what it means to be a Christian. We need those who will commit themselves to Jesus! Jesus Himself in Revelation referred to those non-committed Christians as Lukewarm. Then He made a statement that surprises many. Jesus said That He wished those Christians would be on fire for Him, or never claim to be a Christian (my paraphrase)

2. Commitment to the Church

Matthew 6:33- “seek first the kingdom of God”

“I am a Christian, but I don’t go to church” How heartbreaking it truly is to hear those words. It demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the scriptures. Those who know the Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12 chapters understand that you cannot separate Jesus from His church! Do you want Jesus? You must take the Church!

How many times have you heard the reasons brother or sister so and so no longer attends? (granted there are cases where it is impossible due to limitations, health reasons) They are offended by the preacher, elders, or a member there. They “Don’t have time” or they are simply too tired.

Jesus was so committed to His church that bought the church with His very blood! (Ephesians 5:25) By not being committed to the church, we are not committed to Jesus!

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