“How Much Do You Know?”


Just exactly how much do you know? This is a common question on people’s minds quite frequently. When we are buying a car from a salesman, we often wonder “Does this guy have a clue what he is talking about?” When we are getting an estimate from a repair man, we often wonder if he/she truly knows how to fix the problem, or if they are just giving us the run around. If we are having medical problems, we want to go to the doctor with the highest reputation in this area so we know we will be cared for in the right way. If our favorite football team doesn’t win a game for 3 years we start looking for a new coach, and ask if this coach has the knowledge that it takes to raise our program to a different standard.


We understand all of these things. Now let me ask you very seriously, “What do you know?” sure we may have some statistics memorized dealing with our favorite athletes or sports teams. We may have some knowledge of how to play the financial market, and we have our retirement plan mapped out before us. We may know what is takes to be a carpenter, plumber, mechanic, salesman, oil field worker, CEO, or a janitor, but here is the true question, the most important question you will ever answer, “Will I be in Heaven?”


Most of us would answer this question this way: “I hope I will be” or “I think so”. I want you to consider this question very seriously as we examine a couple of scriptures.


Matthew 7:14- “For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.” Jesus said that it is HARD to get into heaven, and that “few” will make it there.


1 John 5:13- “I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know you have eternal life” We read in this verse that getting to heaven is not a “guessing game” it isn’t something that will happen by chance, and no one will get to heaven by accident.


However, you can know you have eternal life. Do you know? If not, would you study the Bible with me?

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