“Am I Dying?”

One of the most powerful statements that I have ever heard coming from the pulpit that continues to shape the way I view myself in my walk with God today is this; “If you are not growing, you are dying.” When I first heard those words, I thought to myself, “can this really be true?” I mean, after all, you will eventually reach a point where you can grow no more, right? Maybe not….

Revelation 3:16- “So, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spit you out of my mouth” (ESV)

I try, not as often as I should, to ask myself the important question, “Am I lukewarm?” More importantly I want to know, does my heavenly Father view me as lukewarm? You see, God hates lukewarm Christianity.  The idea that I have been a Christian for X- amount of years and have taught x-amount of bible classes, preached x-amount of sermons, studied with x-amount of non-christians, or baptized x-amount of people in my lifetime, so I can spend a little time “coasting,” is FAR TOO prevalent today!

It is my hope, my prayer, that I do not become like this. What is more, it is my hope and prayer that you do not either.   

The more I began to think about my spiritual growth from the time I first became a Christian up to the present, it became abundantly clear to me, that I never would have grown in my walk with God, had it not been for the prayers, and support of my Christian Family.

The purpose of this post is a little different than my normal writings. But it is what has been on my heart. I believe in God (John 14:1), I believe in His power (Gen 1-2), and I believe that prayer is a powerful way for us as God’s children to involve our heavenly Father in our lives on a more personal basis(James 5:16).

In keeping with the thought of “Growing In Our Faith” I have challenged myself with two small spiritual challenges recently.

1. I have begun memorizing one verse of scripture per day. (Currently on day 33)

2. I have begun writing articles for the local Newspaper. (In hopes of stirring up interest in the community about the Lord’s Church.)

I share these with you, not because I want praise, (After all, these are two small challenges.) But because I want your prayers. It is time that we get back to being a family of encouragement, encouraging those around us to raise the bar just a little bit higher than they have in the past, in order to please Him.
Also, I want to extend an invitation for you to share your spiritual goals, so that I (and others) can pray for you as well. Please feel free to leave your goals/prayer request in the comment section, or feel free to email me at troyrogers156@aol.com
Romans 15:2- “Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, to build him up”
in Him,




One thought on ““Am I Dying?”

  1. Thank you Troy for the reminder for that we must each continue to grow and not “coast” in our faith. I am encouraged by the challenges you set forth for each of us. May God continue to bless you and your family as you diligently serve the King!

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