Still powerful in 2011


It has been quite the week for me. I have had so many thoughts, so many feelings, so many emotions, and no words to truly express how I have felt…

This week is the 10th annual preacher training camp in Lewisville Texas. This is the camp that changed it all for me in my life. Now that I am blessed to be on staff, all of those feelings that I had as a 15 year old, all came rushing back to me this week.

I remember distinctly toward the close of the camp session, I believe it was Thursday evening, we had a evening devotional as a camp. (All 17 of us campers) and one of the staff by the name of Kevin Langford was leading us in that devotional for the evening. He challenged us, convicted us, and called us to ministry. I remember seeing the fire that Kevin had in his heart for preaching (much like the rest of the phenomenal staff) and I decided, that moment, while still sitting in the pew, that I wanted to preach.

Now, I am on staff at this camp. I am surrounded by men such as Tad McGalliard, Jonathan Crowell, and Spencer Ross. Each of which were campers with me at this camp, and have since went on to full time ministry for the kingdom of God. I am surrounded by many of the staff that were my counselors when I was a camper, and continue to mentor me today.

This camp has meant so much, to so many…

This week we have had more than 60 campers attend preacher training camp! From 17 to 60+ is quite the growth spurt! I have been blessed this week by so many great young men of God who have a desire to serve Him with all of their heart.

This evening I listened to several of our campers speak. They began to share their dreams of one day becoming a gospel preacher, what an aspiration! I also was blessed by many who wanted to “practice” their sermons in front of me tonight. As I listened to these young men begin to proclaim God’s word with power, conviction, and enthusiasm, my heart began to swell with joy, and my eyes began to flow with tears.

It hit me. These campers, are going through the same thoughts, emotions, and decisions that I did when I was in their shoes… The same as those who were my counselors, and we could continue going further and further back. Our world is rapidly Changing. Things do not remain the same very Long. I take comfort in the fact that we can always rely on Jesus Christ and His Word! It still carries the ability to mold, shape, and completely turn lives upside down! Yes, even in 2011.

Hebrews 13:8-Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Romans 1:16-For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

In Him,


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