Here I sit in my favorite chair within my living room, it is 10:36 P.M on July 14th 2011….

All day one thought has been on my mind… “Wow!” I can’t believe it. This day has seemed surreal to me in many ways. You see, I was sitting in my office this morning working on some Bible class material when it happened. I knew it would happen eventually, but I never expected it to be today.

My wife showed up at the church building (not unusual), she was there to do some decorating (also not unusual) however, what she was there to decorate for was what was so usual. She (and her sisters) started setting out pink and white table cloths over all of the round tables in our fellowship hall. They placed animal print handkerchiefs on the center of the table, and started hanging streamers from the ceiling…. The list goes on and on. (The place looks great)

Then I saw it. The High chair sitting in the middle of the room, where my little tiny baby girl will be sitting as she eats her first birthday cake. Can it really be?!? I have heard from so many “Been there done that” parents who remind me not to blink, because time flies. I have done my best to listen to their advice. However, it REALLY HAS flown by! How can my little baby girl who was born yesterday weighing 6lb 9oz born @10:16 a.m. On July 15th 2010, be turning one tomorrow? I really am amazed, as she is “talking” walking, crawling, properly operating cabinet doors and drawers (O, goody! 🙂

This hard reality that time is flying has caused me to ask a few questions of myself, I thought I would share…

#1. Am I being the Husband God wants, and my wife needs?

Just as I know time is flying with my little girl, it also seems like just yesterday I met my beautiful bride. Am I striving to utilize my time to lead her in the way God would have us to go? Am I taking time each day to say “I love you” with my words, and my actions?

#2. Am I being the father God wants, and my daughter needs?

Too many fathers today have (knowingly or nor) abandoned their God given roles within the home. Have I shown my daughter (daily) that I love her? Do I give her my undivided attention? Do I spend time (daily) talking to God about her?

#3. Am I being the Christian God wants, and the world needs?

Our time is “running short” (James 4) each and everyday, do I make a conscious effort to be the light in “my world” shining as an example for all who are a around me? We hear so many negative comments about “fake Christians” today. Let’s show the world what real Christians look like. After all, our time is flying by, and running out!

In Him,

Ephesians 5:15-16- Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise,
making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.



3 thoughts on ““WOW!”

  1. Troy,
    As one of your high school English teachers, I am so impressed with not only your writing but also your intelligence and maturity. Most young people your age are not looking at life as it is happening. They are too busy letting life (work and other things) get in the way to stop and smell the roses. I can truthfully say I did not realize how fast time slips away from us when I was your age. So you have an advantage over most people. Do not change. I pray that God provides you with all you need. Your daughter is beautiful!! I understand you and your wife are expecting another baby–a boy. God has truly blessed you and your family.

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